Solid wood lamp


Designed & hand made in Norway


Materials: Oak / Ash

Sizes : From 30 cm to 200 cm

Light source: LED (warm white)

The lamp consist of one to three seperate solid wood parts.  It comes with a 3 meter cord / 12 volt power supply.

Great light preserve darkness.

A yoke is a wooden beam normally used between a pair of animals to enable them to pull together on a load when working in pairs. Our Yoke is designed by and for “two animals working together…” It´s inspired by the need to compromise when sharing a bed. YOKE is made to embrace natural circadian rhythms and its surroundings in the evening.

The lamp comes with variations from one to three led light sources. The 3 light version has a shared ambient light in the middle and turnable reading lights on each side. The two light version has one turnable reading light, and one ambient light. You can decide if you want the reading light on left or right hand side.

You can also get Yoke as a hanging wooden beam (using wires) that is ideal above tables, countertops or in hallways.

The design is contemporary minimalism, simplicity in function and purity in lines. It is made from solid wood, giving the light a smooth warm glow.   

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made in Norway



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